Raksasa at Digilive

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Video coming soon.

[MV] Raksasa – Setan Jalanan

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Ini adalah video klip dari single terbaru Raksasa yang berjudul Setan Jalanan.

Terima kasih @0dy55ey sang animator, terima kasih @lockermedia atas supportnya.

Insomnia music video

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Semalam di Majapahit

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This is a riff-sketch for a possible song in RAKSASA’s next album.
It will take on different forms as it is develops with other members of the band.
Follow its progress on this channel, or at or Follow RAKSASA on Twitter @raksasaband.

©2012, Adrian Adioetomo, RAKSASA.

The equipment used are:
– Laney VC30 Overdrive Channel in bedroom-level volume, drive about 3/4 up.
– No-name cheap-ass toy-acoustic with fretboard renovated by Secco Guitars, with no-name lipstick pickup, volume about halfway up (or halfway down, it’s up to you!).
– No, that condensor mic is not used. I just thought it looked cool,


-Adrian Adioetomo (Twitter : @myseedsrecords)

Our official youtube channel

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Raksasa teaser

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Raksasa live at Blackhole

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