Finally available on iTunes and Apple Music

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album perdana kami sudah tersedia di iTunes dan Apple Music serta digital store lainnya. Sila dinikmati \m/

Listen to Raksasa by Raksasa on @AppleMusic.


Raksasa 7th

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Raksasa at Rockulture Festival

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Photo by Ryant Andrie K.

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Raksasa at Rockulture festival

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nyalan apimu! Mari bertemu malam ini \m/ 


Happy birthday

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happy birthday to our Vocalist Adi Cumi who happen to be injured on his birthdah April 21st.

And also to our new bass player Dodit on April 25th.

Dengan sangat menyesal..

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“Dikarenakan belum pulihnya vokalis kami pasca kecelakaan, Raksasa Management mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya kepada semua pihak bahwa Raksasa batal bermain di acara Psikokultural malam ini.”

Music is music #5 and Rise of the Underdogs #3

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The last two gigs were awesome, thank you to everyone who came.

Especially, thank you Ezra and Zi Factor for the invitation, you rock dude \m/